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We are non-profit corporation registered with the state of Georgia, dedicated to preserving the historically significant remains of the Humphries brothers trading post at Fort Yargo, near the present day city of Winder, GA. It is our fervent hope that we might be able to return the structure to the way it would have been constructed and furnished in the period of its birth, the 1790's. This will be done as much as possible by using period tools and methods, using modern methods and materials only where required for safety or the longevity of the structure.

Having done this, we hope to use this facility as an educational Living History demonstration site, where public schools and school groups can come and experience a glimpse of what life on the frontier may have been like. Demonstrations will be provided by volunteers that have studied the period in Georgia's history, and provide as accurate an impression of the time as is possible.


Who we are

Members of Fort Yargo Living History Society come from all over the South Eastern US.  We all carry with us a wide range of abilities and expertise in different areas of historical knowledge.  If you are interested in joining or getting started with living history, click the link below!  

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