Modern-Day "True" Stories

Living history events at Yargo often make for some good stories. We may have to take shelter from a tornado, someone may catch a large fish or any manner of happenings of interest. Here you will find members true stories from events past and present as seen from their point of view.

I have been doing living history around Fort Yargo I guess since around 1995 or 96. I have told the story of the Wog to more people than I can count but it is only an old legend. Part of the legend says that when the white man came into the area the Wog would come out at night and bang on the sides of a cabin to try and get people to come out. Should a person venture out the Wog would attack them and carry them off to the mud pits where it lived.

I take little stock in such legends.........but.

Around 1997 or so just before the living history club was to have our annual Christmas feed I had a little free time. I thought how nice it would be to spend a couple of days in the blockhouse alone and enjoy some reading by the fire. If you are a living history buff you know that there is nothing like reading a good book of the time period while in a truly period correct setting. If I recall the book was Arundle.

At this time the blockhouse was at the location where the D.A.R. had placed it back in the 70s. It had a six foot chain link fence around it and a cleared area beyond that of about 50' or so. After a simple meal I pulled up a chair and put a candle on the table behind me to read by. I do not recall at what time I started to get a little cold, even with a fire the blockhouse can get quite cold in winter. I rolled out my blankets and laid down for a quite nights rest.

Later in the night, I have no idea of what time I woke to a noise in the upper area of the building. We have had animals get in before so I went up to chase it off. I saw nothing so went back to my warm blankets. Only half asleep I head the noise again, it was loud enough that I could not sleep so I went to check it again, nothing. So much for a good nights sleep.

I am back in my blankets but after a few trips up stairs I am wide awake. Just as I am about to nod off there is a knocking noise on the side of the blockhouse. My first thought is that one of our group had arrived early as I did. I get up to let them in but no one is there and the gate to the fence is closed and locked as I had left it. Back to the blankets, now comes a loud Banging noise on the outside of the building up higher than a man could reach. I jump up and run around the blockhouse and even look under, it very dark and couldn't see much, no one. Again back in side but now I am a lot mad and a little worried. Who is playing games with me, how and why. More banging, no one. My flint lock is now with me when I go outside.

All is quiet for a short time then I hear a very loud banging but this time it is not outside but right here in the room with me. To say the least it scared me ! Blanket, gun and I am out the door and headed for the tree line. I spent the rest of the night by a tree in the woods watching the blockhouse and waiting to see who was doing this to me.

When the sun came up , as is often the case , it all looked kind of foolish. The rest of the members started to arrive and I didn't say a word. What would I say? That I had a bad case of the hoo-doins last night and stayed under a tree in the dead of winter. I have spent more than one night in the woods or camp alone with little trouble, I guess it was just a bad night.

Years later around 2001 The COHT our club is hosting a group of boy scouts. We are asked to tell a ghost story around a camp fire for them. As I tell my story to the other members of the COHT others start telling of what happened to them. Not only was I not the only one but many of the group had seen things that could not be explained or also heard noises in or around the blockhouse. What does this mean. It means that I do not sleep in the blockhouse alone any more. Afer the move one of my grandchildren ask if the ghost had gotten to move with it.

I hope others will tell some of their stories here.
Dan saw a person putting wood on the fire, Jerald saw a person in period clothes outside of a window, One of the kids saw a person helping his mother cook, and a shadow looking back out of a mirror.


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