We will gather at the Fort the 2nd Saturday of every month
drop in - We enjoy having you come out and visit with us.
2018 DATES
      Fun at the Fort
        March 10th
9th Annual
18th Century Market Faire

March 29th to April 1st
Fun at the Fort
April 14th
Fun at the Fort
May 12th
Fun at the Fort
June 9th

Fun at the Fort

July 14th
Fun at the Fort
August 11th
Fun at the Fort
September 8th
Fun at the Fort
October 13th

Tales From the Past
Trailwalk & Hayride
Fri. & Sat. in October
Exact days to be determined

Fun at the Fort
November 10th
Fun at the Fort
December 8th




To all brave, healthy, able bodied and well disposed men in this neighborhood who have an inclination to join and serve in the Gumlog Militia for the defense of the community of Beadland in the area of Jug Tavern,


The Captain of the militia is issuing this call to arms,
and forming the Gumlog Milita at Fort Yargo this instant.
Come sign the register and join together for the common defense.

The Gumlog Militia will be formed pursuant to the State of Georgia Militia Act of 1778. All able bodied male persons from the age of fifteen to sixty years are subject to serve in the Militia. Each person serving shall constantly keep and bring with him to such training, exercising, or muster, one good gun, bayonet, hanger, sword or hatchet, a cartouche box, twelve cartridges, a powder horn and a half pound of powder, with at least twenty four rounds of lead, a worm picker and four flints each. If any person shall neglect or refuse to appear or to produce any of said arms, furnature, ammunition, and accoutrements, or if when viewed and inspected they shall be found defective, every person offending shall forfeit a sum not exceeding five pounds to be recovered and levied as other fines are directed to be covered by the Militia Act of 1778.

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         March 29th to April 1st, 2018
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